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Nutrition Services

If you are looking for greater mental clarity, seeking to drop a few pounds, or wanting a more nutrient-dense diet, take part in the classes and seminars provided by Temple Fuel. Located in Orlando, Florida, we provide group classes in addition to our individual consultations.

What You Will Learn

  • How to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally to make successful changes to your diet
  • How Digestion is supposed to work and simple ways to enhance yours.
  • What sugar really does in your body, the stages of dysglycemia (Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes), and effective ways to reduce your risk of these conditions.
  • The truth about FATS and why healthy fats are essential for healthy Blood Sugar Regulation, as well as your general good health. You will learn which fats to eat, which fats to avoid, and why!
  • How to move forward from the sugar detox and re-introduce foods in a healthful way back into your daily diet.

What Is The Restart® Program?

The RESTART® program is a 5-week program with a 3-week sugar detox built into it. It is part class, part real food challenge, and part support group: a powerful and empowering combination! Discover how good you can feel when you give your body a vacation from sugar! You will be fully supported as you go through a gentle, yet powerful real food challenge that will remove the negative effects of sugar from your body and your life.

Meal Planning

To begin your healthy eating journey, we evaluate your nutritional needs, implement a kitchen detox and join you on a grocery shopping trip. 

Real Results

Following our program will help you to meet healthy lifestyle goals. We make sure that your healthy diet is easy to maintain and manage.

Custom Plans

At Temple Fuel Nutrition, we customize our program to fit your individual goals. We understand that we are all unique with different expectations and needs.

I Can Help You Build Healthy Eating Habits

When contacting me to reserve your spot please provide me with your email, phone number and physical address.  Materials for each week will be emailed and the cookbook will be mailed to your physical address via USPS.

Sign up for a Google Hangouts account so that I may contact you at the time of each class.

Other Nutrition Guidance

Building healthier life is requires a multi-faceted approach. At Temple Fuel Nutrition, we work with you to create a nutrition program that will change your life!

Healthier Eating Habits

We begin by evaluating your current diet, health issues and your goals and then tailor a healthy and nutritous diet that fits your lifestyle and that;s easy to maintain once you complete our program.


Working with our affiliate partners we have selected products that will get you your desired results. Each product is natural and backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Weight Loss

Our program is customized to meet your weight loss goals while making sure that your overall health is protected. We also work with you to give you proven tools and methods that will keep that weight off!

Corporate Wellness

We provide the Fortis Corporate Wellness Program to corporate clients to help reduce costs and create a happier, healthier workplace.

Limited Availability

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Balanced Nutrition

In my Complete Menu Planning, Shopping & Prep Guide, I share with you how you can manage your nutritional needs and make healthy choices. Through proper menu planning and prepping you can bring delicious, healthful choices into every meal. Included you will find valuable resources, tips, a menu planner and a shopping list.  With your subscription I will send you my newsletter full of even moreideas, recipes and resources that can help you on your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How big are your classes? I do better with small groups.

I keep my classes small. I found that a more intimate approach allows my clients to achieve better results. Please contact me and I’ll see how I cna help.

Will I be able to fit your classes into my schedule?

I’ve found that most of my participants can fit the class into their schedule. Why don’t you contact me and I will answer your questions and see waht can be done to address your specific needs.

Can I get ongoing support after the class is completed?

Yes. I offer different level of coaching and support that will help you stay on track and get the results that you are looking for. Contact me and I will explain further.

Will I be able to use what I learn out in the real world?

That’s what I want for every client. I want you to learn how to use the knowledge and processes that I share with you to continue to meet your goals and live a better, healthier life. 

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