Menu Planning and Smart Shopping Make All The Difference!

Temple Health Nutrition was born out of the need for answers that our founder Angela Lewis experienced when was creating a health gluten-free diet for her husband. The lack of available resources and reliable information led her on a path of learning and discovery. Today, she is sharing her accumulated knowledge to help educate others about how to balance body chemistry in order to achieve optimal wellness.



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I've Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Balanced Nutrition

In my Complete Menu Planning, Shopping & Prep Guide, I share with you how you can manage your nutritional needs and make healthy choices. Through proper menu planning and prepping you can bring delicious, healthful choices into every meal. Included you will find valuable resources, tips, a menu planner and a shopping list.  With your subscription I will send you my newsletter full of even moreideas, recipes and resources that can help you on your journey!

Meet Angela Lewis, Professional Nutritional Therapist

Based in Orlando, Fl., Temple Fuel provides classes and seminars about healthy eating along with corporate wellness programs and nutrition counseling. With small changes, we can help you improve the Standard American Diet (SAD) through dieting and meal planning.

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